About Integrity Unit

The University has set up an Integrity Unit on the 15th January 2014. The set up was in line with the Public Services Department’s Circular No. 6, Year 2013, for all public sector s including universities, to establish an Integrity Unit in accordance with the effort of the Malaysian Government for the implementation of integrity values among civil servants in Malaysia.

USM Integrity Unit is responsible and accountable for developing and strengthening all programs, manual and procedures relating to ethics, governance and implementation of high integrity among the staff and student of the University.

The Unit has an integrity liaison officer in Hospital Campus, Kubang Kerian, Kelantan, to integrate any future integrity programs and activities. Besides the above, the Unit also works closely with the University students’ Anti Corruption Secretariat as well as the students’ Integrity Secretariat in the Campus.

At the moment, the University’s Integrity Unit is led by the University’s Legal Advisor who is also a Certified Integrity Officer conferred by the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission.

Integrity Unit,
14 March 2014